About Us


Veteran Gardeners was founded in 2018 by Campbell Allan – an RAF veteran who worked as an aircraft engineer with the force for thirty years. In 2005, he studied woodworking and has been interested in its use within garden design ever since. He has worked professionally for Hidden Valley Gardens in Treesmill, as well as tending his own garden with love and care.

Creativity and Mindfulness

Campbell enjoys creating unique gardens from desolate and characterless spaces. He combines imagination with sound industry standards in planning and design. He enjoys the challenges of space, elevation and natural light to produce a garden fit for purpose and making it a mindful, peaceful space.

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Insured and Guaranteed

Veteran Gardeners is fully insured and holds public liability insurance. All of out gardens design work is guaranteed for one year and we strive to deliver top quality customer satisfaction.

Caveat: Where Veteran Gardeners have directed that a ground survey must be carried out, our guarantee will only be valid if a ground survey has been carried out by a qualified ground surveyor when directed to do so by us in writing.